Floodline is able to provide aspirational and affordable flood-resilient properties for residential and commercial use.

We can provide imaginative structures for use in 'Bluefield' areas such as floodplains, docks, marinas, rivers and canals.

We are able to improve flood attenuation, reduce flood risk and create land suitable for development.

Can-float and fully floating buildings can be fully insured and mortgaged similar to 'standard homes on dry land'.

Planning approval has now been secured for a 54-bed, fully floating, hotel in Hartlepool Harbour and for can-float residential properties beside the River Thames.


We are committed to creating new, exciting and sustainable developments, making best use of the water environment. Our vision is to build for the future, offering tangible benefits to communities as a whole while enhancing our natural surroundings.



At Floodline Developments, we are proud to be at the forefront of Sustainable Development. Working in our changing environment, our mission is to create water resilient, energy efficient, future proof buildings; using 21st century technology to deliver best in class, progressive and practical engineered solutions.


We are a team of experienced professionals with differing expertise who are committed to providing viable, comprehensive solutions. Being respectful to the natural environment as well as the local communities, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life in an understanding way, remaining faithful to our core values.

What we offer...


We provide comprehensive advice to our clients considering all aspects for development of 'Bluefield' Land leading to feasibility, business and planning strategies, financial modelling and creating value for previously low value land.


We provide comprehensive technical advice in relation to sustainable drainage solutions, flood modelling and flood strategies, Flood Risk Assessment reports, water treatment, recycling and distribution, rainwater and groundwater management, irrigation and habitat creation.


As well as undertaking development work ourselves we provide a comprehensive service to our clients to project manage the implementation of the business plan to secure successful planning consents leading to, either a sale of the consented land, or build-out of the project.


It is only after we fully understand the environmental and flooding issues that we consider the viability of incorporating the development of Flood Resilient, Can-Float and Floating structures. 
Our buildings will incorporate energy saving and micro-renewable technologies enhancing the function of the natural environment and
bio-diversity of the water.