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We recognise that there are significant areas of land, both waterfront and land at risk of flooding, that at present have been incapable of successful development.

Floodline is a specialist property services company which takes a progressive and sustainable approach to developing and creating value from land which is at risk of flooding such as floodplains, lakes, rivers, canals, dock areas and marinas.


We are a coming-together of industry experts covering all aspects of commercial and residential developments providing all preliminary engineering, consultancy and planning services to support our proposals. We have extensive experience in working with key public and private sector stakeholders in reaching successful outcomes on planning applications.


Whilst fully floating, can-float and flood resilient buildings are established around the world, Floodline continues to research and develop this technology to provide both residential and commercial structures to incorporate energy saving and micro renewable technologies. These buildings are able to be insured, mortgaged and have the appropriate warranties that comply with current British building standards.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable developments


We take a new and innovative approach when dealing with land that is in the floodplain or at risk of flooding by analysing where the water goes and how it can be managed before considering the development potential for any given site.


Often this offers the opportunity to increase the flood storage capacity which in turn provides a unique solution to enable development where otherwise it would not be possible.


We always work with the natural habitat looking to enhance the environment and use the flow of water to advantage where it naturally occurs.


It is only after we fully understand the water issues that we consider the viability of incorporating the development of Flood Resilient, Can-Float and Floating structures.