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Flooding in the UK is a growing concern and a problem to all sectors in the UK economy whether it be at National Government level with setting policy guidelines, the impact on the insurance industry and our premiums or the inevitable economic and social consequences. We endeavour to provide a balanced view and keep you updated with the latest views on flooding with particular reference to property and local communities.

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On the 7th of February Floodline co-hosted a flood conference with Squire Sanders and Oval Insurance.

It was a very successful event with well over 100 people attending, listening to top speakers from the ABI, the Environment Agency, St Modwen and Barclays.

The attendees enjoyed a rare opportunity to hear firsthand the problems facing each sector as well as understand some of the joint plans and innovative solutions being considered to allow private industry to work in partnership with the Public Sector to mitigate flood risk. The introduction of surface water flooding maps, next year, is only going to make the current predicament more difficult.

Dr Pete Fox from the EA and Matt Cullen from the ABI gave the audience two very good presentations on the scale of the flood problems in the UK, and the impact it has on the insurance industry and wider commercial and residential implications. The audience was then invited to ask questions from the panel which also included Justin Meredith from Floodline and Peter Bide (formerly of the DCLG).

In the second part of the event Guy Gusterson from St Modwen and Gregor Bamert from Barclays gave two extremely interesting presentation from a developer and bank/funders point of view in relation to flood risk. The subsequent panel session which also included Mike Shaw from Squire Sanders and Jonathan Manley from Montagu Evans saw the audience being given expert advice on potential issues around valuations, funding and development options when dealing with flood risk.

The whole event was expertly overseen by the brilliant Sue Highmore from PLC Property.

Given the success of the event as its was full to capacity there will most likely been another similar session to be hosted in the midlands later this spring.


pdf icon   FDL Flood Debate

Floodline Developments see opportunities where others see problems. But will the government insist on sticking to its sandbag approach? Justin Meredith believes the tide may be turning in favour of a commonsense approach.

pdf icon   Land 4 Homes Article

The growing interest in our form of development resulted in Floodline making the front page of the RICS Residential Property Journal. The 3-page article was well received as a general introduction to our sector and has led to calls from various landowners, agents, developers and planners for assistance on their projects. See link below:

pdf icon   RICS Article – May/June 2012

Following an interview by Modus, Floodline’s views on making the most of poor quality, flood-prone land, was quoted in the following RICS Modus publication. Modus brings the latest news and views, expert advice and in-depth features spanning the breadth of the surveying profession around the world.

A further article was published on 'flood-proof houses' for RICS readers who comprise 3,000 building control surveyors in the public and private sector.

pdf icon   RICS_article_october_2012.pdf

Floodline and its management team went on another fruitful trip to meet up with some of our Dutch ‘partners’ and see some of their exciting new developments, including both floating and can-float buildings. Floodline is currently considering bringing an affordable housing solution from a Dutch supplier onto a site near London which has severe access and flooding problems.

We attended Ecobuild 2012, the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and the UK’s largest construction event of any kind. The popular event allows us to assess the progress of key materials used in our industry and allows us to discuss innovative products first hand with manufacturers, suppliers and designers.

At Floodline we are keen to bolster our existing ties with academia as this provides research and development opportunities in addition to closer ties with policy makers regarding future flooding standards and materials technology.

As members, we have attended several Surrey Water Innovation Research and Learning (SWIRL) seminars at the University of Surrey during 2012. Members represent a wide range of disciplines required to deal with local or global water, wastewater and health related issues. By working with the university, external collaborators and partners we seek to add complementary commercial skills to research and development.

We have also attended seminars on 100% renewable energy in Denmark, sustainable lifestyles, material efficiency in a multi-material world, knowledge transfer partnerships, opposition and barriers for renewable energy, case for solar energy. In April 2012 we contributed to the SWIRL group by presenting a seminar on Flood-Resilient Buildings.

In September 2012, we were invited by the university to attend a 1-day ‘Innovation and Collaboration Showcase’ which was arranged to bring industry and academia closer together. The event included a combination of valuable lectures on funding, design matters and opportunities for research and development, followed by a tour of the laboratories and testing facilities on campus in Guildford.


We stay alert on developments in the industry regarding flood policy and improvements in better flood estimation and mitigation. In March 2012, we were invited to attend the Project FOSTER seminar at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford. This is a research project that explores the communication of cutting edge flood science information to decision makers, such as County Councils who have a responsibility to protect their communities. This was a valuable meeting of a wide range of industry experts seeking to develop improvements to current flood policy in the UK.

Understanding flooding and its consequences are fundamental to our business. Our strong links to major stakeholders in the industry allows us to stay at the forefront of current and future flood policy. By attending the RICS Flooding Conference, ICE Brunel International Lecture on ‘Flooding Response to Resilience’ and the Duke of Gloucester Lecture on the ‘ICE Pitt Review Lecture, 5 years on’ we continue to exchange ideas with other industry experts.

Floodline Developments is one of the main members of a new multi-disciplinary UK design consortium providing expertise in Structures, Design, Infrastructure, Landscape and Environmental sectors. The IDC will be a one-stop shop for national and international projects aimed at large masterplanning schemes and bespoke developments. More information on the IDC will be published in the next few weeks.

Floodline’s Director Faruk Pekbeken is a founding member and trustee of the The Pekbeken Ali Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales. PAF is a 100% non profit organisation and all funds raised go directly go to help and assist some of the most destitute people in the world.  Faruk is looking forward to establishing a more structured support programme to help the largest number of people as possible, including those whose lives are affected by life-threatening flood events. See how you can donate by clicking onto the PAF website: