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Floodline is a progressive and sustainable property development company. We provide unique solutions to water space and floodplain development problems, working with nature to bring forward developments that enhance the living environment and create desirable places to live.

Since our inception the central core of Floodline’s business model has been the unique ability to create value in and around water space and undervalued floodplain land. We provide the consultancy and developer skills to manage all stages of a development project.

Over the last few years, the UK Environment Agency, along with the relevant agencies in Netherlands and Germany, have started to adopt a flood risk approach moving from defending to managing flood risk.

The flood problem is being compounded by rising sea levels, increase in rainfall intensity, coupled with the demand for several hundred thousand new homes in the UK. A new sustainable approach and some innovative thinking are required when dealing with the development of floodplain land and water space. The traditional solution of land filling is time consuming and very costly and will often result in increased flood risk to adjacent areas by removing functioning floodplain.


Floodline is able to provide unique solutions through our expertise in working with both private individuals, large corporate and statutory bodies in formulating successful development strategies.

We are able to work as both consultant to landowners producing Flood Risk Assessment reports and flood modelling coupled with development methodologies, financial appraisals and as principal developer on schemes from individual homes to large, mixed-use, developments.

Consultancy Services

At Floodline we offer considerable experience working with both private individuals, large corporate and statutory bodies in formulating successful strategies floating and can-float structures. We have the expertise to act as the lead Development Manager when working with third party consultants and specialists in order to achieve successful planning outcomes. We can undertake a wide range of services including;


Flood Risk Assessments and Flood Modelling
Environmental Impact Assessments
Infrastructure Assessment
Traffic Impact Assessment and Highways    Engineering
Geotechnical Investigation


Ground Modelling
Energy and Sustainability Assessments
Financial and Business Appraisals
Create and manage supply chain throughout
   development life cycle

Developer Services

We pursue and develop our own sites as well as partnering with landowner and other developers where our particular specialism is required. 


On occasion we are able to provide access to funding partners who understand our approach and are keen to be involved in this emerging sector. 


Our developments are not only able to create value to the property we are also able to incorporate off site benefits to the wider community in reduced flood risk as well as environmental improvements.